Victoria + Albert Museum- kid’s date in London

it is summer break around here. in london, we operate on a 3-term schedule, which means the kids are in school between september-december, january-late march, and late april-mid july. there are week breaks in between each term and anywhere from 2-8 weeks at the end of each term. and i quite like it! one of the things that we are doing over summer break is one-on-one dates with mom. with 3 littles, this is a pretty big deal. yesterday was my middle child’s date and literally all day it was “i’ll come downstairs with you, mommy, because it’s our date day today.” “i can pick out your shoes, because it’s our date day.” it was the sweetest.

i decided that for an affectionate and strong-willed 3 year old, cuddles & freedom to run were in order. we headed over the the V&A museum. i held my little koala and we wandered down halls filled with busts & sculptures. we stopped in the china & japan wings and picked our favorite kimono’s. all the while, her little arms were wrapped around me and her little hands securely touching my neck.

the main attraction, however, was the splashing pool in the center gardens. the enchanting fairyland of green grass, vibrant purple, blue and pink hydrangea, beautiful raw, red brick surrounding us on all sides. “should i put her in a swimming suit?” i had asked some friends. “no, they just kind of splash around and their tops stay dry.” apparently, not savvy. the pool itself is quite wide, but only about 1 foot deep. she splashed & played & swam & frolicked & giggled & enjoyed her freedom.


and it was a good date day that i would highly recommend to london locals & visitors. followed by lunch here!

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