Ways to Wear: Winter Print- Vogue

when it comes to actually getting and applying a fashion trend, why turn anywhere else but vogue? this is great feature on  one of the trends this winter that can be trickier to master but well worth the enjoyable effort: prints. thank you, vogue.

by jessica bumpus for vogue:


Ways To Wear: Winter Print

03 NOVEMBER 2014

Jessica Bumpus

Winter Print Fashion

WINTER print, it’s a no-brainer really. When it feels cold outside, you should bring warmth and personality into what you wear. And nothing says that better than a spiralling, frenetic pattern or painterly splatters. It’s also a lot more interesting than just the traditional blocks of black, grey, navy and brown colour palettes that so often dominate the season. Even so, if you do prefer a more sombre palette, then this is exactly the time to make sure the pieces you do choose are those that come with some sort of razzle-dazzle too…


{words & photos courtesy of Vogue.co.uk}

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