London whispers

this morning i woke up asking London what it had to say to me today.
as we walked by the church we walk by every single day multiple times a day, london said
and as i accepted a quick coffee date at the home of my new french friend, sybil. london whispered
                                                              answered prayers
               it whispered, that accent is how your name was meant to sound… kay-CEEee.
on our daily commute, london cheekily pointed out
                         body strength
                                               buzzzzzzzzzzing traffic
                                                  and lots and lots and lots of shopping. oh the shopping.
and then as my lunch date awaited me. after our little crew settled in for the afternoon, london told of
                                                  God’s provision
                                                                                               speed of time.
thank you, London. you are quite the artist.
love, one of your admirers.

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