a day in the life…

today, in whatever wednesday, i was planning to document the day.
a day in the life of a london mum of 3 littles. and then it got all crazy on me this morning and all my running around made me think that this might not be the best picture of our “day.” or maybe it would…
4:30a, husband wakes and takes off for Dublin
5:30a, mum wakes and the next few hours include getting ready, quiet time (finishing up this and starting this), getting girls out of bed, fed & dressed for school.
8:45a, wake littlest kid (sleeping rockstar) and throw some clothes on him to be out the door by 8:50. use our 4′ wide hallway/entryway/storage/coat room/CRAMMED space to get coats, hats, gloves, boots, helmet for the big girl, and snacks to each of the 3. “cue-mese!” (excuse me) “owww!!” “can you scooch over a bit?” load 2 in the stroller and 1 on her scooter. coat, phones (us & uk), keys, necessities for the next few hours? check. out the door.
1 mile walk to school. in the spitting rain.
9:15a, arrive at school to find that there is no school. well, technically there was school but it was a field trip. and apparently i (and 1/2 of the class) misread the email and tried to drop the kids off beforehand. hmph.
9:30a, load all 3 children into the back of a taxi headed to the other side of town (where i had just walked from…) to a friend’s house to drop littlest kid with her nanny & son, so i can attend field trip with the bigger girls.
“excuse me, mr taxi sir? can you just wait right here for a few minutes so i can drop my son and you can give us a ride back to where we just came from?”
“ha, YES! that’s lots of money for me!”
“yes, yes it is.”
10:15a, arrive at the theatre with 2 cutie girls in tow. enjoy an adorable play with classmates & mums, fun jazz music, bright lights and even a spray bottle. a spray bottle that was clearly the highlight of the cultural experience..
11:30a, hop a taxi back to get JR. apply the same “please sit & wait” tactic as before. calculate the cost of having a car back in the states versus a day of taxi rides and feel ok about things. also? en route i passed 4 houses of good friends i have made and houses i’ve been to here. from chelsea to hyde park to brompton. and that felt darn good.
dropped off at our front door.
12p, feed, clean-up after, change, nap children. (1 out of 3 slept…) 
3p, realize we are all awake and we have a sacred hour left of daylight. A sacred hour. seriously, dark by 4. repeat shoes, coats, hats routine, grab keys and cross the street to our playground. our i-had-no-idea-how-important-this-was playground. in our FRONT YARD.
4:30p, gates to playground close and we stay til the last. possible. minute. go under the beautiful archway, across our quiet street and in our front door.
5p, triple bath, pajamas, girls disappear in their room for their sisterly play-time, dinner (porridge was requested. porridge was delivered.) some ornaments were hung, teeth brushed, nightly advent reading in bed.
7p, lights out for the littles. take my spoils from no naps, staa-raight to sleep.
7:30p, date with my treadmill and music. ahhhh. pound out a 7k, tidy-up each of our 4 floors as i make my way upstairs. shower. open laptop. reflect. await husband’s late night flight home from dublin.
11(?)p, mummy & daddy kiss, set alarms, good night.


  1. by Blaire on December 5, 2013  3:30 am Reply

    I'm getting ready to start Ann Voskamp's book too! I'm excited! :) Do you have Jesus calling? That may be my fav!

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