What’s in your garden?

it’s almost as if we have this example of a perfectly, intentionally created space. a space that was designed before us and for us. and within that space, there was beauty and sustenance and purpose and intimacy.

like a garden.

and there was a vision for this garden- to be tended to, subdued, enjoyed. the garden was beautiful and pleasing to the eye. and in the cool of the night and all throughout the perfectly perfect days, we got to walk & talk with the creator of this amazing garden. hear more about His vision and more about His love for us and all that He created.

and in that garden, there were these little buds that we got to be in charge of. nurturing, loving, supporting. helping them dig in their roots, care for their little petals, make sure they were getting enough water, enough shade. caring for them throughout all of the seasons- those that were filled with a perfect amount of rainfall and those that were too dry or far, far too wet. rejoicing with our little buds when things were going well and picking them up with their leaves became too heavy to hold on their own.

and while some of the days felt like they ran together or some of the days felt like they would never end, there was a greater purpose for what we were doing.

because the vision was that when this perfect space was filled & properly cared for, the overflow of the garden would organically grow into the areas surrounding it. the little buds that were entrusted to our care would produce more little buds and know how to care for them. and those buds more buds, and those buds more buds. and we would get to see the fruits of our labor over and over again.

and sure there was a bit of darkness surrounding the perfect garden, but that wasn’t something we would need to worry about. because in sticking to the vision, sticking to the proper care of our garden and staying on board with the creator, the perfect light that we knew and invested into our garden would just shine into the darkness. overcoming any hatred or evil or judgment or lies or pain or insecurities or illness.

which, if you think about it, is actually the most purpose-filled life you could ever imagine.

go forth, today, glory carriers. tend to your gardens with joy & purpose. what you’re doing, it will have massive impact on the things around you. that’s how it was created to be.IMG_2369

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  1. by Chellena on January 29, 2015  4:40 am Reply

    Lovely illustration here friend. And glory carriers...so good.

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