Why Women Don’t Need to be Ashamed of Needing to Feel Beautiful- Lisa-Jo Baker

these words shared by lisa-jo baker over at surprised by motherhood, are some of the freshest and most honest i’ve read in awhile. her perspective and honest heart allows readers to go out and do the same. she is on the front lines of the wedge that clears the way for others to run through successfully and (less) harmed. thank you, lisa-jo!


30 OCT 2014 

Why Women Don’t Need to Be Ashamed of Needing to Feel Beautiful

There are books and blog posts and news articles that I comb through in the dark hours while my daughter sleeps. And they say that girls need to hear that they are brave and strong and capable. That their bodies are useful more than they are beautiful.

I don’t doubt that’s true.

But my baby is fast asleep next door wrapped around with the pink and white and wildly frilly tutu she wouldn’t take off before bed.

And I imagine there’s something to that too.

And last year when we were packing up suitcases for our flight home to South Africa and Christmas with the family we hadn’t seen in two years I threw in…



{photo and words courtesy of LisaJoBaker.com}

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