Wine, Cheese, and Craft Night- Cakies

it doesn’t really matter what you do, a night together with just the girls is refreshing and fun and necessary. and hard to pull off. i love when a friend has a knack for doing stuff like this and i’m wondering if i might need to step up and carry the weight as a female for awhile. give those great planners a break. any successful girls night ideas out there?

this particular girls night with rubyellen of cakies has such warmth and chic-ness, just like everything she puts her hand to. check it out…


wine, cheese, and craft night!

wine, cheese, and craft night!
wine, cheese, and craft night!
wine, cheese, and craft night

ErinMelissaLauren, and I live relatively close to each other (for SoCal and traffic), so we had been wanting to get together. After a couple cancellations, we finally made it happen (third time’s a charm). They all came over to my house, and we hung out in the backyard over wine, cheese, and some crafting.

We’ve been following each other for awhile via blog and instagram, so it was so weird to see each other in real life. At first, you just wanna stare and say, “You’re real.” Actually, I did that. HA! Then, you get to see their movements and hear their voice, and it’s really so interesting to have the online world and real life collide. Lauren and I already knew each other (so I already knew how sweet she is), but this was my first time meeting Melissa and Erin are both are just as lovely as they are online (even more so in person!).

They brought some…


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